Our Services

Laboratory Material Testing Services & On Site Pipeline Testing Services.
HDPE Pipe Testing
HDPE Pipe Weld Testing

We provide INAB accredited testing of all type of HDPE pipe welds (both electro fused and butt fused welds) on all pipe diameters.

Pipeline Pressure Testing

We can provide on-site specialist pressure testing of water and gas pipelines. We can also provide continual pressure and flow data logging on pipelines over prolonged periods if needed.

Pipeline Chlorination

We provide pipe swabbing chlorination, water sampling and microbiological analysis to ensure the watermain is completely free of harmful contaminants and safe to be put into operation. All works carried out in accordance with the Irish Water Code of Practice.

HDPE Pipe Welding

We provide both electrofusion and butt fusion welding of HDPE watermains and wastewater pipelines. Our pipeline welding services can accommodate a wide variety of pipeline sizes up to 900mm diameter.

Water Sampling

We can provide water sampling along with physical, chemical and microbiological analysis for a wide range of potential contaminants in the water.

Fire Hydrant Testing

We provide fire hydrant flow and pressure testing to ensure hydrants are compliant with the required standards and ready in the event of a fire emergency.

CIPP Liner Testing

We can undertake accredited testing on CIPP sewer and drainage liners for leakage and determination of mechanical properties such as composite thickness, maximum stress, strain and short term flexural modulus.

Tensile & Compressive Testing

We can undertake a wide range of tensile and compressive tests on various materials and composites to determine the materials mechanical properties in accordance with the required test standard.

Tank Chlorination

We can undertake a detailed risk assessment of your water system and if needed a full chlorination of the storage tank and distribution pipework to eliminate any risk of bacterial contamination such as legionella.

Destructive Material Testing

We provide specialised destructive material testing and analysis on a wide range of materials, components and assemblies. This testing method is usually used to determine the specific failure point of a material, component and assembly.